Daily Dental Care

“Brush your teeth after breakfast and before going to bed”

    1. Use a soft to medium toothbrush and a good quality toothpaste to brush your teeth.
    2. Take toothpaste in small amount, nearly that of a pea size.
    3. Use “up – down” movements to clean your teeth. Do not brush in horizontal motion.
    4. Stand in front of a mirror when you brush in order to see whether all the areas are being cleaned or not.
    5. Never forget to brush your tongue after brush your teeth.
    6. Toothbrush or a tongue cleaner can be used for this purpose.
    7. Rinse your mouth thoroughly after brushing.
    8. Smoking, chewing Pan masala, eating betel nuts are all injurious to teeth and have a deleterious effect on oral
    as well as general health of a person.
    9. Avoid eating sweet and sticky foods such as sweets, chocolates, chips, biscuits etc. between meals. Always rinse
    after eating.
    10.Always consult a dentist if you see a black spot or a cavity in your teeth. Don’t wait for pain to occur.


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