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Dental Implants in Gurgaon

for Healthier and Safer Teeth

A healthy smile and strong teeth is a sign of perfect body.  However, many people are today facing the issue of missing teeth due to various reasons such as defects, injury, decay or disease. They lose few or all of their teeth and are left in despair hunting for the right treatment options. For them, we have come up with the finest option of dental implant. A dental implant is ideal for all ages including adolescents, adults and old people. Whether your jaw has stopped growing at the adolescent age or you have lost teeth at the age of 60, dental implant can be the finest dental treatment.

Dental Implants in Gurgaon : Overview

A dental implant involves the placement of an artificial tooth root into your mouth. A cylindrical or tapered post made up of titanium is used for this purpose and is placed in the jawbone. It is safely bonded with the natural bone, so that it looks like a natural tooth.  When it comes to the safety of this treatment, it is absolutely safe and has been in use since decades. In fact, a dental implant is considered the most ideal device to back the replacement teeth.

Dental Implants in Gurgaon : Procedure

The procedure of Gurgaon dental implants involves placing the titanium post into the jawbone. It is done surgically and it Osseo-integrates as the patient heals.  The bone and the implant then grows together to make it a strong foundation and more durable. You need to be patient during the entire process, as it takes weeks and months to bond perfectly. However, you can continue with your daily chores while you attend the sittings.

After the implant has been fixed firmly to the natural bone, a device called abutment, which serves as the connector is fixed. The abutment is placed on the top of the implant to link the dental implant and replacement tooth. At the end, the expert then attaches the individual tooth or a complete set of dentures to the connector. The entire process can be a bit painful but is going to offer you a healthy and a better life. As far as the success rate of this treatment is concerned, it depends upon the exact place where the implant is placed. Rest, it has proved to be successful in 95% of the cases. 


Dental Implants in Gurgaon : Benefits of Implants

For those who think that dental implants are hardly useful, some prominent benefits of it have been discussed as under :-

  1. Better appearance and speech- Dental implants are permanent and are fused with bone seamlessly. A dental implant appears to be your own teeth and enhances your overall look. In addition to this, dental implants when done properly, improves speech. Unlike poor fitted dentures that tend to fall while speaking and eating, a professionally dental implant treatment can avoid mumbling up to a great extent.
  2. Durable and convenient- Dental implants are highly durable and remain intact for years to come. You just need to take good care of your teeth and they will be in good place.   Further, they remove the discomfort, which is otherwise caused by the dentures. You do not   have to use those messy adhesives to keep your dentures in place, as dental implant is mess-free.
  3. Better oral health– Unlike a tooth-supported bridge, the procedure of dental implant does not involve reducing other existing teeth. Since the present teeth are not altered and most of them are kept intact during dental implant, it enhances the oral health to a great extent. In fact, it does not hinder proper brushing and gives you complete access between teeth.
  4. Safeguards healthy bone– You must know that empty spaces in mouth can lead to various dental issues including the loss of your jawbone. However, a dental implant protects this bone through dental restoration. In fact, it stimulates the growth of the natural bone. Gurgaon dental implants are hassle-free and are done keeping in mind the health of your teeth.
  5. Retains your natural smile– The best part about dental implants treatment in Gurgaon is that it will retain your natural smile without altering it. Also, it keeps the natural face of your shape intact and does not have any side effects like other tooth replacement options. Our expert will guide you throughout and will solve all your queries regarding this.
Dental Implants Procedure
Benefits of Dental Implants
Care after Dental Implants in Gurgaon


Dental Implants in Gurgaon : Care after Implants

  1. After the surgery is done, it is advised to avoid hot food or hot drinks, as it can stimulate swelling. A patient should not disturb the area of implant with fingers or tongue. Heavy physical exercises must be avoided for the first two days after the implant in order to prevent bleeding and further swelling.
  2. It is natural to suffer a little pain in the first few days after the surgery. You can ask for simple pain killers from the dentist or you can consume any painkiller that you take for headaches and other regular pains. If the pain persists for a long time then you must visit the concerned doctor at the soonest.
  3. After the surgery, the patient must brush the teeth gently. After 24 hours, salt water can be used to rinse the mouth to reduce swelling and pain. The saltwater rinsing will minimize bleeding and will give instant relief, if it is done 2-3 times a day.

Dental Implants in Gurgaon : Avail  Implants Service

Therefore, what are you waiting for? If you have been suffering due to loss of tooth/teeth all this while then avail Gurgaon dental implants service. Here, you will be in the hands of the most experienced and skilled doctor, who will extend absolute support.  Only after analysing your dental issue, the dental implant will be initiated. When it comes to the prices, they are competitive and worth the quality of dental services provided. Thus, reach the finest dental clinic in gurgaon to overcome all the dental problems and improve your overall oral health.  It is sure that once you have experienced the services of dental implants in Gurgaon, you will not be left disappointed at all. Stay healthy!