High standards of sterilization are maintained at Modern Dental Centre.
All instruments are first hand cleaned, then they are sealed in self sealing pouches and autoclaved.
A dental autoclave is a pressure device designed to heat dental instruments, drapes, sutures, suction tips etc above their boiling point to achieve sterilization .


All bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores are inactivated / destroyed by autoclaving at the typical 121 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes or 134 degrees Celsius for 3 minutes. It is the most effective mean of sterilization .Instrument sets are kept in safe storage after sterilization till they are used Separate set is used for every patient from each pouch.


Disposables are used wherever possible such as syringesneedles.Masks,  gloved, head caps, drapes etc.


RCT Files are sterilized in a glass bead steriliser.