15 Ways to Tame Your Sweet Tooth

Tips & tricks to tame your sweet tooth

Do you often crave sugary foods? Wish to curb the sweet-tooth? If you are nodding and saying a big Yes to this then you have landed at the right page. It is a fact that the taste of sugar releases endorphins, which in return makes us feel better and relaxed.  Consuming sugary foods is not an issue but over-consuming it can result into serious health issues including obesity and diabetes. According to the American Heart Association, women are recommended to consume only 6 teaspoons of added sugar in a day while men can consume 9 teaspoons on an average. However, more than the recommended can lead to addiction of sugary items.

This article will help you in controlling your sweet tooth with a few simple yet effective tips provide by Modern Dental Centre- Dental Clinic Gurgaon having 21 years of excellence in the field of Dental Care.


Tips & tricks to tame your sweet tooth

  • Enjoy a little- The first tip is to eat a little. Yes, you should try eating a little of what you are craving. Avoiding a food item completely can be challenging but having a small amount of it is possible. According to the dietitians, having only a bit of what you like can help you get away with that feeling being denied to eat.
  • Combine healthy foods- For the people with a sweet tooth, it is always better to combine healthy foods. For instance, if you can’t do without a chocolate then you may consider dipping a banana in the chocolate syrup, try chocolate milk or mix almonds with chocolate chips. This way, you will be able to satiate your craving in a healthy way.
  • Grab chewing gum- The researches have shown that chewing a stick of gum can actually control your sugar cravings. So, you can try just trying chewing a gum for a few days and then see the difference yourself.  
  • Going cold turkey- Going cold turkey means abandoning the sugar without any prior preparations. Cutting sugars for the initial two days can be highly challenging but it will steer clear your cravings gradually. This trick is most likely to work for the majority and can greatly help them diminishing their cravings.
  •  Take your mind off- The best way is to divert your mind whenever you feel that sweet craving. Try taking a walk around, chit-chat with a friend or get engaged in your hobby to not think about the sugary things.
  •  Try a fruit- At the time of a sugar craving attack; you can reach for a fruit. Since fruits have natural sweetness and provide fiber & nutrients, they can be the best alternative to sugary foods. Even dried foods, seeds and nuts can be of great help. You must keep your favorite fruits handy.
  •  Dodge artificial sweeteners-  If you think that artificial sweeteners can help with a sweet-tooth then here is the fact. These sweeteners have never demonstrated a positive impact on the sweet-toothed people. Thus, it is better that you avoid them. 
  • Eat, eat & eat- Yes, the sugar cravings hit you high when you are hungry. If you will eat regularly without much gap between the two meals, you are less likely to pick sugary foods. The food experts suggest that sweet-toothed people must go for fiber and protein rich foods. Eat after every 3-5 hours to satisfy your hunger and to prevent irrational easting behavior.
  •  Drink plenty of water- Drinking water in abundance can keep you full, which in turn can diminish your craving to eat especially the sugary foods. Water is not only healthy but it can greatly assist in getting over with the sweet tooth.
  •  Avoid processed foods- Processed foods can be highly addictive like drugs, according to the study of Connecticut College. When you eat sugar, it artificially stimulates the nucleus accumbens that further generates dopamine. These dopamine levels further drop, leaving you with a craving to eat sweet foods. Thus, you must totally avoid the processed foods.
  •  Plan what you eat- You must give yourself time to slow down and check what you are eating. Focus on your diet plan to evaluate what you’ve been eating instead of what you should actually eat. This one week plan will make you see the real picture of your sugary diet schedule and will encourage you to do something better about it. 
  •  Choose quality over quantity- If you are in a habit of picking that king-sized candy every time when you have a sweet craving then you may have to change it now. You must choose quality over quantity, which means it is suggested to go with a small yet decadent sweet item instead of choosing a giant one. For instance, you may savor every bite of small chocolate truffle pastry slowly than to munch upon the entire cake.     
  • Live the reality- It is seen that people tend to consume sugary foods when they are depressed, angry or emotionally broken. True that a chocolate can make you feel better but no food can fix your emotional stress. You must embrace the reality and live it with a brave heart. Instead of relying on sweets, get emotional support from your loved ones.
  • Reward game- You better reward yourself after every time when you control sugar cravings. The reward can be a pizza treat to yourself or buying a new dress. This will motivate you to cut down sweets to a great extent.
  • Mixed strategies- To overcome a sweet-tooth, you might require more than one strategy. What you can do is mix up the tricks & tips and then continue the one that works the best for you.

Besides the above mentioned tips, it is highly important to stay determined with a sugar detox diet. In case of any serious issues, you can always visit a health expert and get consultancy on the same. However, it is suggested to make your own efforts first by following the simplest of the tips. If your personal strategies work, there is no need of an expert. It is the time to stay healthy and happy. Good luck!

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